Passion and Practice

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A new year brings new problems, people and passion. The start of this year was a little different from others. We hired new administrators, new teachers and have many new students. Although there was sweat, tears, and laughter, passion permeated conversations, team building activities, and professional learning. I recognize a perpetuating climate of anxiousness, exhaustion and a feeling of indifference. It is a culture for which each of us are responsible. I challenge each of us to own that responsibility and take the time to pat each other on the back, say good morning with a smile, ask each other how you made a difference in a student’s life (because you do,) and assume the best in others first.  WE need to work harder at being optimistic. Angela Maiers posted 12 ways to Let People Know They Matter – easy, practical ways to begin this work! I commit to use #1 this week and make an effort to begin and end sentences with the word “you.” YOU make a difference in the lives of hundreds of kids. What kind of difference are YOU making?

A letter from a Mother of Sandy Hook Victim to teachers….


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