2 New Tools

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a day of professional learning with Kelly Gallagher last Friday. In addition to being inspired by great conversation  and leaving with a deeper understanding of literacy strategies, I learned of two new tools for teachers to implement that will help with our focus on literacy. Below are descriptions and links to these tools.

NEWSELA: For categories/areas- science, law, social studies, language arts, money, kids, current events

Read closely.
Think critically.
Be worldly.
Newsela provides limitless leveled news articles with common core aligned quizzes. They take the same article and break it down into four leveled articles (by lexile score)  to provide a differentiated approach to literacy. Each article is tied to common core anchor standards. You can sign up your class and assign articles or you can print them off and allow students to “Mark them up.” For those struggling with challenging ALL students with content appropriate text, this is a great tool!

Graph of the Week: Math and Science focus

this site provides an introduction PowerPoint to explain to students how the Graph of the Week will work. They provide a template for student to work from prompting them with specific questions and room to respond. The graphs are relevant and expose students to current events while asking them to infer information based on their analysis.

According to Kelly Turner, This assignment not only helps our students to become lifelong critical and analytical thinkers, but also benefits them in the following ways:

•Improve academic literacy

•Engage students in oral discourse

•Link mathematics to real-world situations

•Develop students’ Habits of Mind

•Improve written communication

•Give students current events awareness

•Build community among all grade levels

•Improve  Common Core assessments


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