Tell Your Story or Someone Else Will…

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Typewriter What is Your StoryParticipating in #satchat and #satchatwc via Twitter today has me reflecting on the different ways we should be using digital storytelling to tell our story as a school district, but more importantly, how we should be creating opportunities for students to tell the story.  There is such  incredible learning going on in our schools, and we need to leverage technology to help spread the word. For the last few years, educators and educational institutions have been portrayed as stagnant places where children lose their sense of wonder, fall behind and are bullied. Without the stories of what REALLY goes on in our schools, people are left to believe what’s out there.
So what are some ways or tools we can utilize to tell our stories? Here are 5 I find intriguing…
  • School Twitter Account @CAPS_CHS
    Setting up a school Twitter account is easy but keeping it relevant source of information is a bit more challenging. I have the support of two teacher leaders who help tweet about events, announcements, achievements and more. I would like to try featuring some student tweets on our school Twitter feed and run monthly contests highlighting points of pride. By using Vine, we could have Twitter video contests providing short 6 second videos or utilize different tools to allow for longer videos. We could connect to Instagram for photo contests and student blogs/websites for just about anything else.
  • School Video Newsletters
    For years schools have sent home weekly newsletters, but Sadly as a parent, I only skim those for important dates and announcements and often miss the pieces highlighting what was going on in the classroom. However, I never miss when I see my child in a picture or a video. I would love to see weekly newsletters become electronic with highlights showcased through students’ voices. Maybe there is a student from each grade level or content area who records a description of what was learned that week. This can be layered over pictures so parents can see the learning and hear about it through the voice of the students. Video doumentaries are also a great way to showcase the learning for a week.
  • Student Blogs
    I love the idea of student blogs using EduBlogs. Blogger, WordPress, etc. These can serve as a learning portfolio. A school can choose to highlight a student blog of the day. This type of initiative provides students the opportunity to tell their stories and provides them with authentic audiences. I also love the idea of students seeing their own growth as thinkers and writers.
  • School You Tube Channel
    Highlighting students through video is very powerful. There have been many occasions where I wish I could share some of the great lessons, projects, performances, etc. with the community, parents, students and a larger global audience. I need to get better at using video and finding ways to share that video.
  • CommunityCAMP
    Next year, I would love to see if we could organize an EdCamp for the larger community, where our focus was 21st century learning. High School is vastly different from when we went to school. The community needs to see how we utilize technology to enhance learning opportunities and growth. This would be a great way to showcase OUR Story- It could be the theme! Staff and students present ideas and tools that parents and the larger community could utilize in their lives.
Below are the highlights from the #Satchat April 14th that has me thinking about different ways to tell our story so someone else does not tell it for us.

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