Taking Charge of Our Own Learning…

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

One Size Does NOT fit all!

If this is true how do we create learning opportunities for teachers that are

  • Meaningful
  • Flexible
  • Timely
  • Differentiated
  • Purposeful

Trying to think differently about growth and utilizing time in a way that honors ALL teachers is difficult- I am sure as difficult as asking teachers to differentiate to meet the needs of all learners in their classrooms. Recently we had a staff meeting cancelled and I realized in order to meet the state requirements for professional learning hours, we needed to make up that time. I have been thinking a lot lately about our professional learning team time and how it could be made more effective and how to approach next year’s professional development plan in a way that allowed flexibility. I want our teachers taking ownership of their growth and learning but I realize that support will be necessary. That level of support varies tremendously.So how do we meet the needs of 50 staff members?

My thoughts….staff-meeting if i die

Create a menu of sorts outlining various ways to learn and leave it open to teachers to choose. I began by putting places I go for learning  into a spreadsheet. I thought I could at least start there, but I am struggling with the best platform for providing ideas for professional learning, supports or tutorials for those new to those places, building in some level of accountability for state reporting and evaluation and making the tool accessible and easy to navigate. Although I do not have a solution for what this will look like in the end, I am going to use the flipped staff meeting to start to collect ideas and resources from teachers that will help me create a system that will work for them.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions welcome! Going to ask my PLN next…


  1. This is a great idea! Unfortunately, I do not have many answers for you,though I would love to participate in a discussion to flesh out this concept in hopes of implementing it in my own school. One tool that I have used for my teachers this year when sharing directions for how to access certain tools, has been to create screencasts where I explain everything I can about the tool. Then, I simply share it via email or through our learning management system to my teachers, and this allows them to access the learning on their own time. I have had success with this idea, and my teachers appreciate the screencast concept because it does respect the fact that they are just as busy as I am, and this allows them to fit it into their schedule. Also, the screencast provides a future point of reference in case the teacher is unsure of how to use the tool.
    One of my challenges has been the accountability piece. In some cases it is necessary to provide proof that teachers have participated in the activity, and I have struggled with finding an answer to that question.
    I would love to hear some more ideas about this concept, and hope to be able to discuss this further with you and other interested leaders.

  2. Tara says:

    I don’t know how much work this would be, but I know the medical field and the finance world both have variations of online training that you take a quiz type thing when you are done, print it and present it as a way to prove you did the learning. Sort of like the concussion training?

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