Lunch & Learns- continuing to capture time that is within the school day to provide additional opportunities for learning

Posted: April 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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With the help of colleagues, this year we have been offering teachers the opportunity to come to the media center during their lunch time and learn about how to use Google Apps in the classroom. We found corporate sponsors to provide the lunch for teachers and collected door prizes or give-aways from vendors. The last Thursday of the month, teachers explored Google Drive, Calendar, Forms, Mail, and more. We average about 30 teachers a month, which was about half the staff. We were very pleased with the turn out. A half hour was enough time to introduce the topic, discuss possible uses in the classroom and dabble a bit. We then put all the resources in a shared folder for staff to access in the future if they wished.

Next year we are providing students with Gmail addresses. With this step, we would like to use lunch time again with a larger focus on pedagogy and use of technology. I would like to flip some of the direct instruction and support so that there is more time to discuss appropriate use of tools as well as provide time to integrate the tool into a lesson. We will be doing considerable training with staff surrounding Google Calendar, Mail, Search, Google+, Sites and Groups before the school year. For Lunch and Learns, our focus will be on the Google Drive and using the collaboration features.

DRAFT Schedule:

  • September: Innovative ways to use Google Docs Comment, Chat and Sharing settings to create a collaborative environment in your classroom
  • October: Learn how to use Google Scripts and add-on Doctapus to push out and manage student assignment (Go Paperless)
  • November: Use and teach students how to use WeVideo to create, share and present their learning
  • December: Check for understanding, exit tickets, surveys and more using Google Forms
  • January: Improve efficiency using Google Templates
  • February: Expand outside your four walls with Google Hangouts
  • March: Improve quality of search results with advanced search option in Google
  • April: Use Google Sites to create student learning portfolios
  • May: Explore the world of Add on in Google Drive- Top 5


  1. Tara Donzell says:

    Awesome! Well done, can’t wait!

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