What the heck is a “smackdown”?

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

In order to spicofficejuggler-1024x974e up staff meetings,  @BradmCurrie suggests using the last 10 minutes to conduct staff smackdowns. This is where 10 staff members get one minute each to introduce a new website, tool, or strategy (usually surrounding technology.) They showcase the tool and then talk about how they would use it in class.

For example, using a teacher could use Today’s Meet or Google Drive to showcase how back channeling could enhance class discussion. Back channeling can be very powerful if modeled and used appropriately. It is important to have digital citizenship conversations with students and staff any time you get a chance. Make sure that parameters are set and providing a set of questions, an agenda or conversation starters can provide structure to the back channel for first timers.

I would like to do smack down challenges next year at staff meetings. I think this would be great at admin meetings as well. I love to hear about new, innovative tools and strategies. This is a positive way to end a meeting and provides applicable information amain things well as cultivates a culture of collaboration. It is important to live your vision and mission. Teachers need to be inspiring and take risks in the classroom to be innovative. If we do not foster that culture and environment at the building level in professional learning and meetings, we are not walking the walk. I hope to get better at this but I also understand with all the demands of the classroom and accountability, sometimes this falls off. By putting a structure or protocol in place, this might help keep the “main thing” the main thing- teaching and learning!


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